Are you making your customers and members grin and bear it?

While many prefer to bank with community institutions, most can only take so much digital inadequacy before they call it quits and Harris Research have teamed up to conduct a survey to better understand how digital experience impacts adoption at community financial institutions.

What matters to customers and members? Is it convenience, or simplicity? Personalization? While survey results highlighted a preference for community banks and credit unions, members don’t believe they are being rewarded for their loyalty with a better digital experience.

Learn more about how you can give customers and members the experience they deserve with a platform that understands their needs and drives your business. Give us a shout at

I prefer community banks and credit unions but their digital banking does not meet my needs

I would leave my primary financial institution for a digital banking experience that compared with a great online shopping experience

Used digital channels for the first time over the last 15 months

Already used digital channels but did so more in last 15 months

Attributes of an acceptble digital experience*

*Majority in the group have HHI of $100,000+

View of Digital Quality by Type/Size of FI

I bank with regional or national banks because they have a better digital banking experience

I prefer community banks and credit unions but their digital banking does not meet my needs

I believe regional/national banks have better digital banking

I believe digital-only banks have better digital banking

Finalytics uses the power of big data and machine learning to allow community banks and credit unions to go beyond personalization and provide customers and members with a maket of one digital experience. The company’s mssion is to support and strengthen communities by providing local institutions with technology that allows them to compete more effectively, drive more consumer acquisition, and improve customer and member retention. For more information, visit

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