Better Listening, Deeper Connections, Superior Service

Finalytics.ai powers segment-of-one digital experiences for community financial
institutions that surpasses what is offered by larger institutions.

Deep Personalization @ Scale

Identify and assist members and customers with their needs based on their geographical location allowing your institution to unlock the value of these microsegments. For example, in San Diego, millennials are much more likely to research car loans on Monday or Tuesday mornings than the rest of the week

Learn what behavior can be associated with an individual’s need for one or more of an institution's products and services. Women on Apple devices in Minnesota on Monday mornings are 3.2X more likely to apply for a checking/savings account compare to the general audience.

When a member or customer visits your site, Finalytics.ai predicts which product they are most likely to select based on the products they do/don't have. The platform then uses this information to populate a banner ad making it 2x to 3xs more likely the visitor will click on the ad.

Future Proof Your Site

No more static website content that changes maybe every three years. With Finalytics.ai visitors to your website see content based on their specific needs each time they visit. The content is about them, not about the credit union or bank.

We’re Your Partner for Innovation

Most community banks and credit unions do not have the resources to apply big data and machine learning. Finalytics.ai partners with these institutions to bring the innovations from these areas they need to compete.

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Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use the FInalytics.ai platform. Our platform’s user experience is configurable, flexible, and scalable so clients can adapt it to their situation simply and easily.

See the results for yourself with real-time analytics

Actionable insights based on up to the minute data analyzed by an AI engine that is continuously learning from each byte of input it receives about your customers and members. This is digital that goes beyond the branch.

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“Our partnership with Finalytics.ai helps us drive a thoughtful and relevant experience in our digital channels allowing us to hyper-personalize the right message, for the right segment, at the right time.”
Tom Novak Chief Digital Officer, Visions Federal Credit Union

What Can I Expect?

  • A brief conversation to discuss your digital experience goals, personalization opportunities, and how your team uses the digital brand to connect with customers.
  • Live demonstration of our Enterprise Platform, tailored to your institution.
  • All questions answered to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • No commitment whatsoever

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