Be in the moments that matter

Deliver one-to-one marketing in minutes with one easy to use, simple to implement platform. Supercharge engagement and drive revenue with AI-powered insights developed from the data that matters most.

Multi-purpose AI. Purpose-built for community financial institutions.

The only personalization engine that drives growth at every stage of the funnel. Let data drive better outcomes across acquisition, engagement and conversion with Thrive, the full offering.

Prospect & Customer Micro-Targeting

Better understand the attributes of members and customers as well as visitors. Boost products per member or customer and maximize your marketing ROI when you share the right content to the right user at the right time.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Target the most-likely-to-convert products with the power of predictive conversion rates. Let machine learning drive or choose to target higher value products like mortgages and loans. Discover which CTAs, images, and messages work best for each member or customer.

Flexible Content Modelling

Content creation and delivery made easy. Select content from your library or let custom build content within your brand guidelines.

Performance Reporting tracks and measures your personalization campaigns with real-time insight dashboards. Execute, monitor and optimize personalized experiences on top of your CMS without coding or help from IT. View which types of personalization are working and how personalization is increasing performance.

Cross-Partner Integrations is the only personalization platform that integrates or accommodates the vendors and technology you already have. Integrate your CRM, CMS, and other vendors such as Alkami, MeridianLink, Temenos, Q2 Gro, nCino, Avoka, Blend and more.

Better data, better insights. uses machine learning algorithms to sort through thousands of data points and surface the most relevant insights and opportunities for your credit union.

1st & 3rd Party Enrichment

Multiply the ROI of your CRM and Contact Center with an easy way to act on information in the customer record.

Online Banking

Strengthen member and customer relationships and increase PPM with a deep understanding of real financial behavior

Credit Bureau

Prospect and member or customer credit history, outstanding debt, and more.


Access the data lake to get competitive information from credit unions nationwide and offline member or customer preferences.

Location, Demographic, and Lifestyle

Target age, location, past purchases, income, lifestyle choices, marketing message preferences, purchasing power and more.

LOS/OAO/Mortgage Applications

Pull data across loan origination systems, online account opening and mortgage applications to evaluate user behavior and inform personalization and remarketing.

Personalize for every member or customer in minutes

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