Delta Community CU Wins Best in Content Category

2021 CU Digital Experience Report

The 2021 Credit Union Digital Experience Report provides a snapshot of key industry trends.

This report offers a heuristic review and ranking of the user experience at the largest 50 credit unions by asset size in the United States. The report is the result of comprehensive review of each organization’s digital presence. We rated each credit union’s public marketing site according to six key dimensions of the experience:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Analytics and SEO
  • Key Features and Functionality
  • Visual Design and Branding
  • Content
  • Digital Marketing

Content Category

For the Content category, we evaluated each site on the following criteria:

  • Home page content quality and key tasks represented
  • Product pages content quality, integration, and cross-promotion
  • Original financial education content
  • Content hub
  • Content density
  • Content freshness
  • Content variety
  • Supporting content
  • Blog

Our review identified five credit unions that stood apart from the rest. The Content winners are:

  1. Delta Community Credit Union
  2. First Tech Federal Credit Union
  3. Suncoast Credit Union
  4. Mountain America Credit Union
  5. Navy Federal Credit Union

One of the primary reasons users visit any website is to engage with its content. This is an opportunity for credit unions to really shine and engage members or suffer from a lack of distinction. Clearly some credit unions are more focused on content than others.


Delta Community Credit Union covers all the basics of content. However, their lead is based on their fresh, original, and engaging content, including financial literacy. We also like the clear availability of member notices and COVID-19 updates.


First Technology’s strength is its original content. Product pages are to the point with enough quick content to explain benefits of types of accounts.

Third Place:

Like Delta, Suncoast has good fresh and original content. Their blog is quite extensive, although we wish it was better incorporated into the full site. The main page content is strong. We rated well above most of the other reviewed credit unions.

Fourth Place:

Mountain America has good financial education that is easy to browse from Learning Center menu. Content hub lets members filter and search within. FAQs are embedded on product pages, and not repeated in the minimalist Help Center.

Fifth Place:

Navy Federal has articles in a content hub but also in numerous “centers” for retirement, taxes, family life, and military. We found support content lacking, however.

Congratulations to all the winners!

To learn more about the findings in the report, download the 2021 CU Digital Experience report.