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Craig McLaughlin and Mark Ryan are the Co-Founders of Silicon Valley-based, the first community financial institution platform to apply real-time big data and machine learning to address the unique needs of each prospective and current members and customers.  But you probably already knew that if you are here on our website reading this blurb.

But did you know what prompted Craig and Mark to start

Or the vision they shared has meant to the financial institutions who have been using the platform?

You can learn more about that journey and their vision in this interview Craig and Mark did with our friends at

Considering the institutions using the platform have seen more than a 270% increase in conversions and have exceeded their deposit goals by 100%, you might want to know more about how your bank or credit union can begin to offer customers and members “engaged” digital banking that goes beyond personalization to create a segment of one digital experience.  Check out the video and then hop on over to and get on board the “wow” train.

You can also listen to the interview on