Banking Transformed Webinar: AI and Big Data Humanizes Digital

Humanizing Digital:  How To Ensure An Institution's Brand and Culture Comes Through in Digital Channels

Jim Marous hosted Craig McLaughlin and Mark Ryan from Finalytics, and Tom Novak, Chief Digital Officer at Visions FCU, on the Banking Transformed Podcast. The discussion centered around how artificial intelligence and  big data personalizes the digital experience on Visions’ website. 

At Visions FCU, digital transformation is about people; humanizing digital through the real-time utilization of advanced machine learning, multi-faceted data, and dynamic content management providing members with a digital experience exceeding what is possible in-person. Visitors to the Visions website exposed to the unique digital experience created for each of them using AI, big data, and dynamic content creation had a conversion rate 272% higher than the conversion rate seen among the visitors in the control group. In addition, the financial institution has uncovered opportunities for servicing member micro-segments with products/services that fit the needs of specific communities.

View the webinar featuring Tom Novak, Chief Digital Officer at Visions FCU and hear how their institution achieved this digital success through their partnership with

What You’ll Learn:

  • How personalization is being redefined by AI and big data allowing FIs to deliver segment of one digital experiences
  • How AI and big data are accessible to community financial institutions economically and without major disruptions
  • How With AI and big data CFIs can achieve their digital goals at levels multiples higher than their historic averages.


Webinar attendees asked several good questions that we answer below. 


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