Getting to Segment-Of-One

How Segment-of-One Levels the Competitive Landscape

The importance of digital to a credit union’s ability to retain and attract members is widely preached, but harder to practice. A new report offers insights from leading credit unions on how to practice what is preached.

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Banking Just Isn’t the Same

“I would love to do business with my local credit union, but its digital banking just isn’t as good as the larger banks.”
– 44% of consumers

44 percent prefer bank digital experience


“Getting to a Segment-of-One: How Credit Unions Can Use Data and Journey Orchestration to Leapfrog the Competition” describes how leading credit unions are dealing with the widespread digital-first mindset prevalent among members.

In this report you will discover:

  • Top 3 Member Expectations for a Digital Experience
  • Top 3 Syndromes Holding Credit Unions Back from Meeting Member Expectations
  • Why Transactional Data and the Net Promoter Score Are Limitations

Ready to help your credit union use digital as a competitive weapon?

Experience First

“We don’t chase shiny objects. We spend time thinking about the use cases we are trying to solve for and then selecting technology, not the other way around.”

Senior Vice President, Digital Experience
VyStar Credit Union

Mapping the Member Journey

“Our segmentation goal is to understand and empathize with what members need and their channel preferences to enrich their journey with us and provide personalized experiences.”

Customer Experience Lead
PenFed Credit Union

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