Increase Product Applications

Predict member and prospect needs every step of the way using data from online banking, product applications, and industry benchmarks

Increase Your ROI

Identify the biggest revenue opportunities by core product. Optimize your ad spend to maximize efficiency and free up resources for your next big move. Use traffic acquisition tools to calculate cost-effective SEO and PPC strategies. Find the most valuable keywords to amplify your content.


Make the Perfect Product Match

Serve your members the most relevant products–in the right place, at the right time. Integrate multiple data sources to learn your members’ preferences and needs, automatically. Become a skilled matchmaker by personalizing banners, images, rates, and content for every core member and product.


Utilize Data-Driven Strategies

Finalytics.ai is the only solution that integrates data from online banking, product applications, and industry benchmarks. By identifying the key attributes of your members, Finalytics.ai predicts application rates for each core product. These data-driven predictions can be used to confidently determine and prioritize members that are more likely to convert than others.

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Outcomes We Drive

Enable your organization to deploy impactful deep personalization, allowing you to acquire new members, improve conversion, and increase member satisfaction.

Measure and manage your member experience in minutes

Book your free demo today to learn more about how you can drive growth, engagement, and member satisfaction with Finalytics.ai.

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