In The News: Turning the Tide on Lagging Digital Experiences

Alex Jimenez

January 26, 2022

Credit Union Times published an article written by our CEO, Craig McLaughlin, this week. Here is the intro:

As more members become digital-first, CUs must continue to offer them the level of innovation and sophistication they expect.

Credit unions’ secret sauce has long been their emphasis on the relational, rather than simply the transactional. For years, this emphasis has manifested most commonly in their personable, in-branch member service.

But it’s no secret that the future of financial services is digital and that the number of branches is dwindling. So as credit unions continue to consider what strategies are essential if they are to remain competitive in the market, they must embrace new technologies that enable them to deliver their secret sauce to members at scale and continue to play a key role in helping their communities thrive.

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