In the News: Pitches to Overflow Crowd of CU, CUSO Venture Capitalists

Alex Jimenez

November 11, 2021


As reported by CUToday, was amongst a small, selected group of fintech firms that presented at the VentureTech 21 conference.

The conference was attended by “48 credit unions, three corporates, 21 CUSOs, 17 leagues and league service corporations, and five venture capital firms.” In addition, there was a total of fourteen fintech firms, amongst them.

Our CEO, Craig McLaughlin noted:

Our message at VentureTech was simple – 95% of credit unions deliver the same experience to their members. The grandmother gets the same message as the granddaughter. This needs to stop.

To compete in today’s market, credit union need to deliver personalized digital experiences to their members. How? By applying real-time #data and machine learning.


To read CUToday’s recap, click here.


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