Deep Personalization

Deliver impactful customer experiences with technology made specifically for financial institutions goes beyond personalization to predict conversion rates for each product. By creating segments tied to customer attributes, the engine prioritizes likely converters on key products. Maximize conversion by personalizing the experience — including banners, images, rates, and content.

Delivering AI-powered next-best-experiences to both customers and prospects

When the algorithm develops strong confidence for a product recommendation, it can use the attributes of the target user (e.g., age and geography) to make product recommendations with a variety of techniques.

Speed in implementation models learn consistent patterns in conversion across products (e.g., auto loans, credit cards, mortgages) and across organization types (e.g., regional, local, national). Defining these patterns in conversion enables the algorithm to be deployed successfully before analyzing an organizations data.

Because we already have the learnings of conversion rate data from across the country, we believe we can enable organizations to deploy impactful deep personalization within 10 minutes of creating an account.

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Outcomes We Drive

Enable your organization to deploy impactful deep personalization, allowing you to acquire new members, improve conversion, and increase member satisfaction.

Measure and manage your member experience in minutes

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