Solutions by Role offers solutions for multiple roles in your community financial institution.

Built for Your Team

Powerful analytics and personalization tools designed for each team member.


Speak directly to your customers’
needs with custom segments for
target demographics.


Deliver dynamic content with
AI-driven personalization to create
competitive digital experiences.

Customer Experience

Remove friction from the customer
journey and build relationships that
are beyond transactional.


Unlock previously unknown
insights by easily integrating data
across multiple channels.

Outcomes We Drive

From marketing to the call center, integrates with existing technology to
deliver end-to-end customer journey insights and next-best experiences.

Improve Conversion goes beyond personalization to determine predicted conversion rates for each product tied to customer attributes and prioritizes likely converters on key products. Personalize the experience – from banners, images, rates, and content to maximize conversion.

Acquire New Accounts

Analyze and identify uncovered segments to identify those most likely to grow. Yield segments of ideal prospects (e.g., high loyalty, adoption, credit scores), and serve them more relevant content – from search to convert.

Deliver Better Service

Welcome to modern relationship banking. Serve a one-to-one customer experience, digitally. Personalize and orchestrate key journeys across financial advice, cross-sell, and funnel abandonment. achieves personalization in moments, not months.

Contact us to learn more about how easy it is to integrate with your existing systems.

What is Finalytics?

Built for Credit Unions. Made for Members. Powered by AI. is the first journey orchestration platform purpose-built for community financial institutions. Using proprietary AI to enrich the data that matters most to financial organizations, drives more meaningful one-to-one digital experiences across the entire funnel – from search to convert.

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Outcomes We Drive

Enable your organization to deploy impactful deep personalization, allowing you to acquire new customer, improve conversion, and increase customer satisfaction.

Measure and manage your customer experience in minutes

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