Beyond Personalization

Digital is Now the Branch – To Win You Need More than Personalization

As more members become digital-first, CUs must continue to offer them the level of innovation and sophistication they expect. Otherwise, it will be difficult to retain current members and attract new ones.

Credit unions’ secret sauce has long been their emphasis on the relational, rather than simply the transactional. For years, this emphasis has manifested most commonly in their personable, in-branch member service.

Watch this video to see how to deliver branch-like digital.


This video explains how financial institutions can go beyond personalization to deliver segment-of-one digital experiences. Banking is no longer about what a bank or credit union offers, but what the customer or members wants and expects. To remain competitive, digital must be transformed from a transactional channel to a relational one. The platform allows financial institutions to leverage big data and machine learning to present digital experiences that are unique to the needs of each prospect and client that visits their website.

The power of the platform can be unlocked in a matter of weeks, not months, without the need for special skill sets or complex integrations. Schedule a demo to learn how the platform can help you move beyond personalization.

Measure and manage your customer experience in minutes

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