CMS & Banking Integration

Results Sooner Rather Than Later

Because the architecture of our platform was built to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, you get results in weeks, not months.

The Platform – Integration Simplified

The typical IT landscape for a community financial institution is complex. The last thing any of these organizations need is a solution that complicates things by taking months to integration into with the existing systems. So, we knew our solution had to be built from the ground up so that it could be implemented without the usual pain and suffering.

Below are some of the providers we integrate with “out of the box.”  Don’t see your digital banking provider on there?  Use a different CMS or PFM platform?  No worries.  Because we know the challenges community financial institutions face whenever they try to innovate, we built on a tech stack that makes integration simpler regardless of your IT landscape.


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  • A brief conversation to discuss your digital experience goals, personalization opportunities, and how your team uses the digital brand to connect with customers.
  • Live demonstration of our Enterprise Platform, tailored to your institution.
  • All questions answered to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • No commitment whatsoever

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