In Silicon Valley, We’re Doubling Down
On Credit Unions And Community Banks

Based in San Francisco, is led by a team of FinTech fanatics, with diverse backgrounds
in the fields of retail banking, digital experience design, artificial intelligence and analytics.

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Our Mission

Community financial institutions differentiated themselves from the largest banks by offering high-touch service and experience. Our mission is simple: use technology to help financial institutions offer the same exceptional service they are known for in the branch via their digital channels. As digital commands a greater share of the customer and member touch, we are helping organizations grow and keep the promise of modern service excellence alive.

Our Why

We believe the strength of our country lies in the ubiquitous communities that dot the landscape.  These communities thrive when they have access to local financial institutions that have evolved with them.  We believe these local banks and credit unions can compete with banks and FinTechs of any size if they have technology fit for their purpose.  That’s why we designed the platform the way we did. It’s already changing the way the game is played.

Our Founders

Our co-founders Mark Ryan and Craig McLaughlin have worked with some of the largest community financial institutions helping them through digital transformation, design, development, and data analytics.