About Us

About Us

Based in San Francisco, Finalytics.ai is led by a team of fintech fanatics, with diverse backgrounds in the fields of retail banking, digital experience design and analytics.

We believe data can drive relationships


  • Qualitative analysis of digital experience
  • Ongoing site measurement
  • Benchmarking & reporting


  • Optimize ad spend
  • Recommendation engine
  • Public-facing website optimizations


  • Multifactor personalization
  • Advanced targeting of multiple customer segments
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • AI-driven recommendations
  • Online banking & public-facing optimizations
The Finalytics.ai platform doesn’t just collect customer data and share it back. Our platform helps financial services institutions continue to do what they’ve always done best: providing a relationship-based, high-touch service. That means listening and acting on customer needs.

As human interaction in-branch declines year over year, digital commands an ever -expanding share of the customer touch.

We use AI to help financial institutions infuse a myriad of data channels with real-time behavioral data to better understand and help their customers.

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